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    Legal risks go hand-in-hand with business ownership. The team at Merchant Law is here to help you manage those risks. Our commercial lawyers and business lawyers are dedicated to helping you protect and preserve your company from the many threats faced by the average corporation. 

    Our vetera lawyers can help you with everything from hiring and firing employees the proper, legal way to engaging with the contract negotiation and review process. Let us protect you and your interests by applying our problem-solving skills and legal expertise to your liabilities and points of exposure. 

    Who needs a corporate lawyer?

    Most people who own businesses need corporate lawyers, even if their business is very small. There are just too many laws governing how business gets conducted to go without one. 

    For example, when you hire your first employee you take on tax and insurance obligations you didn’t have before, as well as obligations to take steps to protect that employee’s health and safety. If you need to fire that employee later you run the risk of a lawsuit if it isn’t done right.

    If your business has a physical location that people visit and use then you have to think about all of your obligations to maintain that property, and to protect the people who visit.

    If you work with vendors or subcontractors of any kind then you will most likely create and sign contracts. This creates a web of obligations that can trip you up later. In addition, you may well end up with dozens of entities who have obligations to you and your business. Some people won’t uphold their end of the bargain.

    If you want the advantages of a corporation then you’ll need to have that corporation set up correctly. You’ll need to meet certain obligations under Saskatchewan law, as well as under federal law.

    At any point, you could also end up facing a lawsuit, or needing to launch one of your own. 

    If you aren’t prepared, any of these issues could result in the death of your business because they can incur millions of dollars worth of costs that you weren’t prepared for.

    When do you need a business lawyer? 

    You need a business lawyer the moment you launch or purchase a business, or the moment you make the transition from “independent contractor” to business owner. You never know when a legal issue could threaten your company. 

    Corporate lawyers even help you during the business purchase process, as they can help you conduct the due diligence that you must go through before buying a business. 

    Why Merchant Law? 

    When you work with Merchant Law you work with veterans who have protected companies like yours for 20 to 30 years. Each of our lawyers is responsive, caring, and savvy about what it takes to protect companies like yours.

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