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    It’s easy to get into a bit of legal trouble while driving. There are a thousand thoughts and distractions competing for attention, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Unfortunately when you do you risk a ticket, which means points on your license, fines, and increased insurance rates.

    You can fight your traffic tickets! The experienced traffic defence team at Merchant Law is happy to help. In many cases we can get traffic tickets dismissed. Stop pleading guilty. Stop “just paying them.” Get help from our team.

    Is it worth it to fight a traffic ticket?

    Most people don’t fight traffic tickets. They pay them and deal with the consequences, assuming it’s not worth it. They don’t think to question an officer’s speed gun or a stoplight camera ticket.

    Yet officers make mistakes, radar guns do get the wrong answer, and stoplight cameras create false positives all the time. Why should you suffer the consequences of a speeding ticket if you didn’t do anything wrong?

    You’d be surprised to find out how often a competent defence can either make a traffic ticket disappear or reduce it until it is a nonmoving violation. Nonmoving violations are far less expensive and don’t put points on your license, which makes them a fine alternative when the facts of the case make it impossible to get rid of the ticket altogether.

    Does hiring a traffic offenses lawyer make a big difference?

    Absolutely. There are many ways we can help you defend against a traffic ticket.

    Take your average speeding ticket. An officer will have one of three ways to determine that you are speeding: their radar, the ‘pacing’ method, and a visual determination that you’re pacing.

    A lot can go wrong with any of these methods. For example, radar must be set up and calibrated correctly to create an accurate reading. We may be able to find and demonstrate these errors, thus making it much harder to convict you.

    It’s also very rare for the officer to show up in traffic court. If you and your lawyer do then it’s possible the case can be dismissed entirely. You want to be completely prepared for whatever happens, which means you’ll want your lawyer there.

    Why not defend yourself? It’s unlikely you have the experience to. Most people get fixated on “what happened” and end up making the prosecution’s case for them. The only issue is whether you broke traffic law or whether you didn’t. You need to be able to demonstrate that you did not, and that requires knowledge of which facts actually matter.

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