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Personal Injury Lawyers, Saskatoon, SK


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    Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence? Let the team at Merchant Law take care of your personal injury case. Our conveniently located Saskatoon offices will match you up with a responsive lawyer who will help you get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

    You may have a case any time someone else’s negligence resulted in injuries to your person. This can happen in a car accident, when you slip or fall on someone else’s property, when a product or piece of equipment injures you, or at any other time where someone else’s actions cause you harm.


    What should you do if you’re injured in a car accident in Saskatoon?

    Not every car accident in Saskatoon will generate a personal injury case. Saskatchewan is a no-fault province. That means there is no arguing over negligence. Injuries are paid out by SGI and they have a schedule of what every kind of injury is worth. Merchant Law does not ordinarily get involved with Saskatchewan road accident cases, unless you may have chosen tort coverage and opted out of the SGI system.

    There are exceptions. Sometimes injuries are so severe that they really do require a lawyer’s help. If you’ve been in an accident with a commercial trucking company, for example, your injuries may be beyond what SGI insurance typically pays for. Truckers are also held to a higher standard of negligence than most other drivers.

    There are also cases when you are not in an accident with a Saskatchewan resident at all.We help many clients who are injured in car or motorcycle accidents while traveling in Alberta or the United States. The insurance laws are different in all of these places, and to get the money you deserve it almost always takes a lawyer to help you file a claim, manage a settlement, or litigate.


    What falls under personal injury in Saskatoon, SK?

    All personal injury cases turn on the legal theory that there are certain instances where one person or entity has a “duty of care” to another. That means that they have a responsibility to do whatever they can to prevent accidents or injuries.

    In a car accident case this can mean following the laws, making sure your vehicle is properly maintained, and, for truck drivers and the companies that employ them, following the norms of their industry. For a property owner, this can mean keeping your property in good repair and cleaning up hazards as quickly as possible or, at a minimum, posting warnings those hazards exist. For a manufacturer, this can mean conducting quality assurance to ensure that products are safe when used correctly.

    Whenever someone fails in their duty of care and injures you, you have the right to compensation. The person who did harm to you has a duty to make you “whole” again, or as close to whole as they can. This means addressing the financial fallout of your accident.

    In most cases, all of these people will have some form of insurance meant to take care of them in the event that they get sued. These insurance companies are usually the source of the money that pays you when you win your case.


    Why Merchant Law? 

    We act fast and with skill to make sure that your personal injury case is successful. We’re some of the most experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in the province. We’re tough negotiators and savvy litigators.

    Ready to find out if we’re the right personal injury lawyers for you? Call (306) 653-7777 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.

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