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Surrey Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


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    Many people believe pedestrian cases are simple. After all, when a big metal car strikes a person the issue of fault would seem to be clear-cut.


    In reality, nothing is further from the truth. If you have been injured in a pedestrian auto accident then you need expert help to get compensation for your injuries. The negligent driver should be held accountable, but the process of making that happen will be anything but easy.


    What makes pedestrian accidents so complex?


    Fault matters in personal injury cases. If the defendant can prove you broke traffic laws, then they will have to pay a lot less. 


    Meanwhile, the pedestrian is rarely in a position to strengthen a case directly after an accident. Most pedestrians are either unconscious from the blow or in such bad shape that they can’t stop to gather names or numbers, get insurance information, take photographs, or talk to witnesses.


    In some tragic cases the pedestrian is dead, leaving relatives to pursue a wrongful death suit.


    In both instances, the defense gets a head start. They get time to craft a narrative while you’re still trying to get medical care, or while loved ones are learning their beloved family member is dead. 


    You’ll need lawyers who are skilled at working with this limitation. A tough team who will investigate what really happened, and who can both successfully reconstruct the facts of the case and prove them.


    Wrongful Death


    As mentioned, many pedestrian cases will be wrongful death cases.


    The loss of a family member often comes with a loss of income. When it doesn’t, it can come with a loss of services, such as childcare, which will now have to be replaced. It also comes with a loss of companionship.


    In addition, some pedestrians receive medical care before ultimately dying, leaving the family responsible for both medical bills and funeral arrangements.


    Wrongful death compensation can’t replace your loved one, but it can help with all of these expenses.


    The amount you receive will depend largely on the facts of the case. Let Merchant Law provide you with the representation you’ll need to get a fair offer.


    Why Merchant Law? 


    We have a long history of getting results for the victims of pedestrian accidents. We’re also known as some of Canada’s toughest litigators, which makes insurance companies more willing to negotiate a fair settlement.


    Remember, we work on contingency, so contacting us is risk-free. 


    Schedule a free consultation today. Call (604) 609-7777 or visit us at 303 – 304 15127 100th Ave Vancouver, in Surrey.

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