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    There are few things more stressful in life than getting injured in a car accident. It’s a traumatic experience in its own right, but what follows is often even more stressful and upsetting. The realities of recovery set in.

    Many car accident victims require years of care which won’t be covered by Medicare. Some won’t be able to work anymore. Others may face years of chronic pain.

    When another driver has caused the accident through their own negligence, British Columbia law says you deserve compensation. Unfortunately, getting that compensation isn’t easy. You’ll need a seasoned car accident lawyer who knows the law inside and out.

    Proving Negligence

    In a Victoria car accident both drivers are likely to have ICBC insurance. ICBC protects its finances by paying out as little as possible. If they can prove both drivers were negligent and more or less at fault for the accident, they can pay less, allotting both drivers little more than their basic accident benefits.

    To win your case we’ll have to demonstrate the other driver was clearly negligent. Perhaps they violated the law, or were under the influence. We will have to shield you from accusations of fault.

    Meanwhile, ICBC will be doing everything in its power to increase your percentage of fault. The higher your percentage the less you’ll get, even if the accident was determined to be the other driver’s fault.

    Worse, they may try to claim you failed to “mitigate your loss,” which can also reduce your payout.

    In short, you should prepare for a fight.

    Avoiding Mistakes

    The steps you take directly after the accident will matter to your case.

    First, always call the police, but be careful what you say. You want to avoid making statements which could be interpreted as admitting fault for the accident.

    Second, get the other driver’s contact information and insurance information. You’ll need to do this even if you both have ICBC. You want to get the other driver’s policy number.

    If there are witnesses on the scene get their contact information too. Then start taking pictures.

    Seek medical attention immediately and follow all medical instructions. Preserve records of this care and any follow-up care you receive.

    Finally, talk to a car accident lawyer before you begin speaking to ICBC representatives. If we take your case we will file your paperwork for you and deal with representatives on your behalf so you don’t have to. This shields you from accidentally making statements which ICBC can use against you.

    Getting Started

    We work on contingency, so getting started is risk-free. Just call to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert lawyers.

    On average, we help our clients walk away with up to ten times as much money as they might have gotten on their own, even after one accounts for our lawyer’s fees.

    Call (250) 385-7777 or visit our offices at: 810 Humboldt St, Suite A02, Victoria, BC V8V 5B1, Canada. We’re here to help you.

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