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Winnipeg Enduring Power of Attorney

Manitoba law provides you with an opportunity to deal in advance with the possibility that a person may become mentally incompetent to handle their own affairs through what is legally known as an Enduring Power of Attorney.

An ordinary Power of Attorney is also still available whereby a person empowers another to handle their financial affairs. An ordinary Power of Attorney terminates if the person who gave the Power of Attorney becomes mentally incompetent. Then the only method available to look after that person’s affairs is by way of appointment of a Trustee and Guardian under the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act of Alberta. This is a slow, expensive and cumbersome process.

The law also provides for an “Enduring Power of Attorney”. This means that you can appoint a person or persons to act for you at such a time as you may become mentally incapable of handling your own financial affairs. For example, a husband and wife may appoint each other as Attorneys to act in the event that either one becomes mentally incapable. They may also designate alternate Powers of Attorney in the same way as they may appoint each other as Personal Representatives with further alternatives under a Will.

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