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    While some slip and fall accidents are unavoidable, others happen when someone else fails to do what they should. Property owners have a responsibility to look out for their premises. If you get injured because someone left a bad stair or loose rail in place without fixing it, or because someone failed to shovel a walk or clean up a spill, then you may have grounds for a slip and fall case.

    Slip and fall injuries may sound minor. Sometimes, they are. Other times these accidents cause severe neck and spinal injuries that can result in chronic pain or a loss of independence. These injuries can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and long-term care expenses.

    Your personal injury claim will help you take care of those expenses while holding the negligent property owner accountable.

    Are slip and fall cases hard to win? 

    They can be challenging due to the stigma and assumptions that some people have about slip and fall cases. The insurance industry has done a good job making people think that people who sue over slip and fall cases are exaggerating their injuries and are “just doing it for the money.”

    Still, slip and fall cases aren’t about your motives. They’re about facts, and a good lawyer can keep everyone focused on those facts. What matters is whether or not the property owner did what they were supposed to do, or failed to do so, and whether that failure resulted in an injury that cased a loss. The case will also be about whether you took steps to mitigate the risk but got hurt anyway.

    If the facts are in your favor, then you should receive compensation, period.

    A good lawyer will also be able to use hard evidence like your medical bills and records to help show exactly how great of a loss you have received. Soft evidence, like expert witness testimony, can help everyone involved understand how much pain and suffering you’ve gone through as a result of your fall.

    How much are slip and fall settlements?

    Every case is different. Settlements generally cover your medical bills and lost wages. If you need future care they will include some amount towards that care. There is usually also a pain and suffering award, though for minor injuries Alberta caps that award at $5,500.

    Your lawyer will be able to tell you what a reasonable settlement might look like in your case.

    How long do slip and fall cases take to settle? 

    You can expect your case to take 12 to 18 months, though some do settle faster. Some of this timing depends on how long it takes your injuries to reach maximum medical improvement, how expensive your injuries are, and how hard the property owner’s insurance company wants to fight settling at all.

    If the matter goes to trial it may take up to 24 months for the process to finish.

    Why Merchant Law? 

    Experience matters in a personal injury case. Our team has decades of it, and we’ve resolved hundreds of cases just like yours. If you want a responsive lawyer who will take good care of you during every step of the process, choose Merchant Law.

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