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    When someone else’s negligence causes you to get hurt, you have the right to compensation. The Merchant Law Calgary-Bowness team is ready to make sure you receive what you’re entitled to under Alberta law.

    Don’t trust insurance companies to make it right. Contact us for help today.


    Do you need a personal injury lawyer?


    You probably need a personal injury lawyer from the moment you get into any kind of accident or take any kind of injury outside your own home. Unless you caused the problem through some negligence of your own, you’re entitled to hold the people who caused the accident accountable.

    Even if you were partially at fault—a good personal injury lawyer may be able to successfully argue that both drivers share partial responsibility, thereby opening the door for some compensation for your injuries and consequential losses.

    And in many cases you’ll have no choice but to make a claim for compensation if you want to get back on your feet after you’ve been injured. Your injuries could result in major medical bills well in excess of what AHCIP will cover. If you have to take time off work to receive treatment, then you’re going to lose wages, which may threaten your ability to pay your bills.

    And if your injuries are so grievous as to be life-changing, or to cause long-term psychological damage, then you may not be able to return to work at all. You’re going to need a personal injury settlement just to survive.

    Having a highly trained and experienced legal professional advising you and advocating rigorously on your behalf makes sense. Insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests, just the opposite. The insurance company have their teams of adjusters and lawyers to combat your case. Shouldn’t you have someone?

    Having a lawyer who knows his stuff will almost certainly result in more money in your hands at the end of the case even after the lawyer’s fee is accounted for. This is true because (1) no once can take advantage of you and (2) your lawyer will guide you to build your case appropriately with the required evidence to prove all of your losses and not miss any heads of damages. The types of areas of compensation recoverable are not always obvious. And good personal injury lawyers know what can be sought, converserly no adjuster will tell you if you miss anything.

    The legal training and practice experience you’ll get when you let a Merchant Law Calgary-Bowness office lawyer help you maximize your legal position will be your best bet.


    Car Accidents


    In Alberta, drivers are held accountable when they’re at-fault for an accident. This is one reason Alberta requires all drivers to have insurance. When someone makes a mistake in traffic that driver’s insurance is supposed to pay for the damage the driver causes.

    But of course, no matter what happened on the roads, that other driver’s insurance company wants to get away with paying as little as possible. They may even try to pressure you into accepting a settlement that seems large…until you realize just how big an impact the accident has had on your life, personal finances, and health.

    Thus, it’s wise to retain a personal injury lawyer the moment it’s reasonable to do so whenever you get injured in a car accident.



    Motorcycle Accidents


    Traffic accidents can be devastating for motorcyclists. And drivers in Calgary-Bowness are notorious for failing to watch for the smaller motorbike vehicles.

    When you’re in a motorcycle accident you need stellar personal injury representation. You can’t afford any mistakes here. As severe as your injuries are likely to be, there’s little chance you’ll be able to get by on what insurance companies are likely to try to offer you.

    This is especially true because many people tend to assume the motorcyclist was at fault for any accident. Your opponents will be trying hard to place the blame on your shoulders. Meanwhile, the only thing you ought to be worrying about is recovering. So let us fight for you. Read more.


    Other Personal Injury Cases


    The road isn’t the only place where you can find yourself in need of serious personal injury representation.

    If a business owner fails to keep their property up to reasonable standards of safety, you might end up slipping, tripping, or falling in a way that causes you to sustain serious injuries. This is negligence as well, and must be addressed.

    If you use a product the correct way and it turns out to be unsafe, you should also be able to receive compensation for the manufacturer’s failure to follow safety standards.

    Professional malpractice falls under this umbrella as well. When you see a highly trained professional you have the right to expect they’ll make your life better, not worse. When they make errors, neglect their duty, are careless in some way, or are ineffective in a way that causes real harm to your life, the personal injury legal process is there to help you mitigate these effects.

    There are many other examples.

    Don’t try to handle these situations alone. Our team of Calgary-Bowness personal injury lawyers has decades of experience. We’re here to help.


    How to Get Help


    You’ll be in good hands when you place your trust in Merchant Law, and this is a claim we can back up with solid facts. Our personal injury team helped serve among plaintiffs’ counsel in the largest settlement in Canadian history. The settlement resulted in a victory for a group of clients and class members which was in excess of $2 billion against the federal government for systemic abuse.

    We can tell you we’re confident in our ability to achieve real results.

    The tort law system we have here in Canada holds that when someone gets injured due to the negligence of another, the injured person should be restored to the same position they’d have been in but for the negligence and its consequences.

    For your pain and suffering award this is assessed based on what judges have awarded in trial decisions with similar facts to yours of the injuries, pain and suffering. The tort system in this sense compensates with money for your pain as it cannot put you back in the same position you would have been in (i.e. pain and suffering free), so it has to compensate in dollars.

    Often a major head of damages is lost income and future loss of income earning capacity. This can include not being likely to see advancement at work or being able to pursue avenues of employment due to permanent or temporary disability from the accident.

    Where there are losses that can be quantified, such as losses for out of pocket costs, lost wages, salary, or earnings, future earning capacity, and so forth, accountants often come into play. Merchant Law will pay for all the necessary data to properly advance your case. Often the disbursements to evidence and prepare the case can be in the thousands, particularly for the more serious injuries. You need a capable law firm with bench strength to handle your personal injury case.

    In Calgary our lawyers have decades of combined experience.

    To speak to a lawyer in our Calgary-Bowness location call 403.237.7777, or stop by our offices at:

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    We would be happy to assist you.

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