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    If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle or other accident or has suffered a tragic loss of life because of the negligent or reckless conduct of someone else, please contact us to receive a free consultation with one of our Calgary NW personal injury lawyers to find more about your rights and options.

    Our Calgary NW personal injury lawyers help people just like you get the compensation you rightly deserve.

    What should I do if I am injured in Calgary NW?

    The impact of an injury can be completely devastating physically, emotionally, as well as financially.

    First of all you have to find the best medical treatment to get better which can be particularly difficult in Alberta especially when you do not know where to turn.

    Hiring a good Calgary NW injury lawyer will be your best bet as your lawyer is going to make sure you are going to the right doctors and other medical and treatment providers such as physio and chiro.

    Attempting to navigate the legal process and negotiations with insurance companies can be overwhelming as they try to trick and take advantage of the injured party.

    You should try to hire a NW Calgary injury lawyer who has just one goal firmly in mind and that is to zealously advocate on your behalf to obtain the compensation you need and are actually entitled to receive by law. Let your lawyer focus on your legal issues so that you can focus on your recovery.

    Every Calgary NW injury lawyer worth his salt should help you to ensure you are getting the best possible medical care and treatment. This is going to include specialist doctors as necessary, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and the like.

    This is important for you to recover fully but it is also important to ensure you get the full compensation for your injuries that you deserve. So this builds up your claim and a good, experienced Calgary NW injury lawyer is going to know what needs to be done in this regard.

    It is a good idea to keep a daily journal. If you can make a note every day about how you feel, it will help to maximize your claim for compensation. On days where you are unable to do certain activities due to the pain from the accident, you should write a note in the journal.

    This will assist later as memories fade over time and human nature is to forget about how much we suffered in the past. We will want to preserve that evidence.

    It probably goes without saying that the best Calgary NW personal injury lawyer should already have a proven track record of getting excellent compensation for personal injury accident claims for his or her clients. Our Calgary NW lawyers have been at it for decades!

    The best NW Calgary personal injury lawyers will fully know and appreciate just how devastating a personal injury can be on your life.

    The best Calgary NW personal injury lawyers will be compassionate and hardworking handling the claims of injured clients in NW Calgary.

    The best NW Calgary injury lawyers will take every single case as seriously as the next one and will get every case fully ready to go to court.

    You may be asking yourself: Why get my case ready for court if it can settle out of court?

    Well, the reason is that by already being ready to go to court, this leads to much higher settlement outcomes when your lawyer negotiates with the insurance company for you.

    If the case cannot be settled, it is ready to take to court, and the insurance company knows that your lawyer is prepared to do it. Our reputations as litigators benefits all our clients.

    Don’t forget, insurance companies don’t want to pay to go to court. So they will often pay out a little more to settle and avoid the extra expense of going to court. But many inexperienced lawyers may not know this.

    Less experienced Calgary NW injury lawyers may be lazy to prepare a case to go to court when it can be settled with less effort—but that means less compensation for the victim due to the inexperienced lawyer’s laziness or lack of know how. This is detrimental to the settlement cheque you receive.

    Less experienced Calgary NW injury lawyers may not know how to build the case with the best medical evidence either.

    Don’t settle for a lazy or inexperienced lawyer to represent you. Or one without the financial resources to pay all the up-front costs for treatment to build up your evidentiary claim and ensure a full recovery from your injuries.

    There are so many little things that are enormously important to get to the best result which is the best recovery and highest compensation for you. There are no short cuts. Such experience is gained from handling injury cases for hundreds of clients.

    We recommend you should read google reviews to figure out who in Calgary NW are the most experienced and established law firms.

    It is impossible or even unethical to claim to be the best injury lawyer in all of Calgary NW. There are many equally strong, determined, and experienced lawyers. We can tell you however that throughout our decades long history of fighting for fair compensation for our injured clients our values are what have guided us.

    Our relationships are built on caring, trust, and respect as we continue to recognize and honour our responsibility to all of our clients in Calgary NW and across Alberta.

    Why choose us?

    Our skilled Calgary NW personal injury lawyers serve the injured people of Calgary NW to secure the maximum compensation on their behalves. We never work for the insurance companies.

    Our team of Calgary NW personal injury trial lawyers specializes in a range of personal injury matters including:

    We have a reputation for getting great results for our clients. Our firm has been involved nationwide helping victims of various torts not limited to road accident injuries and our firm has helped achieve some of the largest class action outcomes for Canadians in the billions of dollars.

    Our team of highly experienced staff at our Calgary NW offices continuously supports you in order to make the process as stress free and worry free for you as possible as well as to guide you to ensure that you  get the most compensation out of your accident claim settlement.

    With decades of experience serving injured people all over Alberta and BC, we handle a broad range of personal injury cases including those involving serious and catastrophic injuries.

    Our Calgary NW personal injury lawyers ensure that you get skilled representation at a fair cost. We serve our clients with dedication and understanding and take every case very seriously.

    We are always happy to answer any questions you might have and give you an idea on what you can do next without any extra charge.

    As we work on a contingency basis this means you pay nothing unless and until we succeed on your behalf and get you the compensation award.

    There will be no hidden fees or surprises, and you are always free to consult with us about your case at all times.

    This leaves you totally free from the stress of financial obligation even if we cannot achieve a settlement or if you lose at trial.

    We won’t tell you we’re “the best” because no lawyer can say they are definitely the best injury lawyer in NW Calgary or elsewhere in Alberta. There are lots of arguably equally good injury lawyers in Calgary and across Alberta.

    We will tell you that experience matters. And if you hire us we will fight your case to the fullest extent possible in order to achieve for you the highest amount of monetary compensation we can according to the law. We are in your corner!

    Whether you have suffered a devastating injury from a serious car accident, an accident involving a truck, an accident on a motorbike, or even as a cyclist or pedestrian, our experienced team of Calgary NW personal injury lawyers and civil litigators are here to help represent you to get the maximum compensation you rightly deserve.

    Our lawyers are ready to help and routinely take cases from across Alberta and British Columbia. We handle cases including for those who may be searching for the best personal injury lawyer in the following areas: Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere, Brooks, Strathmore, High River, Canmore, Olds, Taber, Coaldale, Banff, Innisfail, Drumheller, Rocky Mountain House, Stettler, or Redcliff.  Call us. We can help!

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    Or else drop by our offices. We have multiple locations in Calgary.  Our Crowchild NW location is close to McMahon Stadium located at: 1816 Crowchild Trail NW Suite 700 –1x, Calgary, AB. But please do call ahead to be sure we have a lawyer available to meet you when you come and not keep you waiting needlessly.

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