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Calgary SW Drunk Driving Accidents Injury Lawyer


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    There are few car accident cases more infuriating than the ones caused by drunk drivers. Not only have you been injured by someone else’s negligent act, but you come out of that accident knowing your pain and suffering were wholly preventable.

    Fortunately, the law gives you a way to fight back: a personal injury claim. The purpose of a personal injury claim is to force the other driver to “make you whole.” While there is no way to magically heal your injuries, you can get a payout for your damages. 

    The drunk driver may go to jail, but you can still launch a personal injury case against them. For the most part, you’ll be dealing with that driver’s insurance company.

    What happens when a drunk driver hits you?

    A drunk driving personal injury claim is like any other personal injury claim. You’ll have 2 years to make your claim, and the sooner you do the better your case will go. Your lawyer will then begin entering into settlement conferences with the driver’s insurance company.

    While a drunk driving case seems like it should be straightforward, it is often anything but. Even with clear and present evidence of their driver’s guilt, the insurance company is going to do whatever they can to minimize the claim and to avoid paying it. 

    Fortunately, your personal injury lawyer can use evidence of the other driver’s guilt to get you paid. 

    What’s the average payout for a drunk driving personal injury case?

    There is no such thing as an average case. It depends on the extent of your injuries, the extent to which you may have contributed to the accident, and your lawyer’s negotiation skills.

    Economic damages are straightforward. These are the damages that reimburse medical bills and lost wages directly, as well as reimbursing you for any other expenses associated with the accident.

    Pain and suffering is a little less straightforward. It can be any amount from zero to $370,000. This number is based on how injured you are and how much that injury is impacting your life. It’s also based on how badly the injury is likely to impact your life in the future.

    Finally, in a drunk driving case it’s not uncommon to see a punitive damages award. This is literally an award meant to punish the other driver for breaking the law and acting badly. Again, the specific amount will depend on the facts of your case and your lawyer’s ability to negotiate a higher sum. 

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    When you work with a lawyer from Merchant Law you put decades of experience in your corner. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of personal injury cases over the years, including cases where the defendant was under the influence. We will fight for you and your interests.

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