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Langley, BC Personal Injury Lawyer


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    Being in an accident that leads to major injuries is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. The personal injury lawyers at Merchant Law are here to help you get the highest possible level of compensation for your case.

    With our help, you can get money to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with your accidents. We help you handle ICBC and other insurance companies. We negotiate on your behalf to reject lowball settlements and to get you the help you deserve. When it’s time to go to court, we’re tough litigators who are ready to fight for every one of your rights.

    Don’t try to go through this alone. Our team is here to help you bring your case to its best possible outcome. 


    Why do you need a personal injury lawyer? 

    While the defendant in your personal injury case may be a fellow driver, a landlord, the company that made a product that injured you, or some other entity, these people’s insurance companies will ultimately be writing the checks. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out one cent more than they have to. They’ll be doing everything in their power to keep you from getting a fair settlement.

    While some personal injury cases are fairly straightforward, the biggest and most catastrophic ones require keen legal knowledge and an understanding of what a judge and jury is likely to do if the case ever goes into litigation. 


    What is my personal injury case likely to be worth? 

    British Columbia law recognizes three types of damages.

    The first are economic damages. These are the actual costs of your medical care, the services you need to buy to manage your life, and your lost wages or earning capacity. These can be fully calculated when you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). 

    The next type is pain and suffering damages. This amount covers the “inconvenience and emotional distress” of your accident. In British Columbia, pain and suffering awards aren’t capped for major injuries. They’re capped at $5,500 for minor injuries including cuts, bruises, road rash, sprains, whiplash, TMJ, mild concussions, and short-term mental health complications. 

    The third type of damage is less common: punitive damages. This type of award gets paid out when the party that caused the accident did something so egregious that it was above and beyond mere negligence. Some cases will not include a punitive element.


    How do you prove pain and suffering?

    Your medical and psychiatric bills can be used to prove pain and suffering, as can testimony from expert witnesses. Sometimes it’s also easy to demonstrate the changes in your quality of life, especially if your injury keeps you from pursuing a beloved career or hobby, or makes it impossible to keep up with your previous family obligations. 


    How Can a Langley Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

    Our Langley, BC personal injury team will take most every kind of injury case especially those involving motor vehicle accidents:


    Common Car Accident Injuries in Langley

    Our Langley, BC office has lawyers who dedicate themselves to helping the victims of serious car and motorbike accidents get fair and appropriate compensation from ICBC.

    The stats are alarming. It is stated by the BC government that 175 road accidents take place daily in BC, many are severely injury and there is even unfortunately one fatality a day on average.

    It is also reported by the province statisticians that in the year 2017 there were fully 21,039 car and motorbike accidents in the province with 90,276 injury and fatality victims. Accidents in Langley happen every day and for the ones who have been hurt who did not negligently cause the crash, it is most unfair that they should have to suffer.

    A lawyer worth his salt should leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice for their injured clients. Rest assured that our Langley injury law team take the utmost care to ensure that all of our clients get full, fair, and appropriate compensation. From working with our clients to get them to the right medical professionals like chiro, physio, massage, to expert doctors to prove head injuries or concussions if you banged your head, and even to the phycological impacts if you are suffering nightmares or post traumatic stress (PTSD).

    There is also the economic aspects to be considered in every case. You may have missed time from work, be unable to return to work, and in the most severe or catastrophic cases you may have lost the capacity to earn income in future for the same amounts you would have earned had the accident never occurred. This can involve our hiring expert accountants or actuaries to provide economic outlook reports to be used an evidence in our taking ICBC to task on your behalf. ICBC needs evidence for every head of loss.

    Until you are in an accident and severely injured, it is hard to empathise. Our lawyers take our duty to our clients extremely seriously and we help fight for the right amount you are entitled to receive to the utmost extent permitted by law.

    Some of the common kinds of injuries we unfortunately see and handle are:

    • Traumatic brain injuries / Concussions
    • Permanent disability
    • Neck and back injury
    • Broken bones and fractures
    •  Spinal cord injuries
    • Cuts and lacerations
    • Nerve damage
    • Herniated Discs
    • Scars and disfigurement
    • Joints and ligaments injury
    • “Whiplash” or soft tissue injury
    • Fatalities and Wrongful Death


    Why Merchant Law? 

    You’ll be matched with a responsive, caring lawyers who keep your best interests at heart. We’ve got a long track record of success, which means you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in good hands.

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