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Leduc Personal Injury Lawyers Car and Motorcycle Accident Claims


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    If you’ve been injured in a car or motorcycle accident it’s vital to move quickly if you are going to protect your rights. When another person’s negligence injures you those rights do include recovering compensation for your injuries, damages, pain, and suffering. 

    Yet if you don’t take all the right steps early on you can end your case before it even begins. This is especially true of motorcycle accident cases, wherein victims often face special challenges. 


    What is the difference between a car accident case and a motorcycle accident case?

    The major difference is that motorcycle accident cases are harder to win. Winning requires a lawyer with a much greater degree of experience. You need tough litigators and skilled negotiators that can help you overcome a series of hurdles.

    The first hurdle is that motorcycle accident victims often begin their cases at a disadvantage. Someone who is injured in a car accident case may be severely hurt, but is still often conscious enough, and coherent enough, to get the other driver’s name and insurance information, to get names and numbers of witnesses, and to take photos.

    Motorcycle accident victims are often unconscious at the time of the accident and are thus often in no shape whatsoever to take any of these steps. This means the defendant has a head start. It’s important to get a lawyer who can reconstruct what happened from the available evidence and who is skilled enough to track down all available leads. 

    The second hurdle is that motorcycle accident injuries tend to be far more severe than they are in the average car accident. Traumatic brain injuries are common, as are severe spinal injuries.

    These cases are, in short, often worth millions of dollars as they will include provisions for the victim’s lifetime care. They usually involve compensation for a loss of earning capacity as well. The insurance company has many reasons to fight as hard as they can to avoid paying the claim. 

    Finally, there’s the stigma that many riders face. This stigma alone can cost some accident victims thousands of dollars. This is because Alberta is a comparative negligence province. Every percentage point of fault the defendant can assign back to your case is several thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Since there are many Albertans who believe that the very act of getting on a motorcycle is negligent, you face an uphill battle.


    What is the average payout for a car or motorcycle accident case?

    There really is no average payout. Every case is different.

    The base amount will be determined by your economic damages. These are the sum total of your medical bills, lost wages, and damages. They can also include compensation for a loss of earning capacity, or compensation for projected future care needs. These damages are usually quite straightforward and indisputable.

    There will also be pain and suffering damages. In Alberta these are capped at $370,000, even if your injuries are severe. These damages are often negotiable and can vary a great deal based on your lawyer’s skill level and the facts of your case. 


    What kinds of injuries can you get compensation for in an Alberta personal injury case?

    You can get compensation for any injury you take, including broken bones, spinal injuries, injuries that cause disfigurement or paralysis, head injuries, brain damage injuries, and injuries which lead to a loss of mobility or lifelong chronic pain. You can even get compensation for mental health damages, such as PTSD as a result of the accident.

    How is the settlement paid out in a car and motorcycle accident claim?

    92% of the cases we work with settle out of court. Once the defendant’s insurance company agrees to settle they’ll pay the claim to our offices. We will then distribute the  monies to everyone who has a claim, including your medical providers. We will take our percentage at that time, and then write you a check for the rest.

    You will know our legal fee percentage before we begin working on your behalf. As personal injury lawyers we do work on contingency. That means we don’t get paid until we bring your case to a successful conclusion. When you hire us we’ll go over the fee schedule so you have no surprises.

    In most cases, you will receive far more funds with a personal injury lawyer’s help than you will on your own. This is true even after our fees are accounted for. 


    When should you get a lawyer for a car or motorcycle accident claim?

    If you want the absolute best results then you’ll do it as soon as you’re medically capable of picking up a phone. You can ask us to file your claim on your behalf, which means you won’t make any major mistakes with the insurance company.

    Rest assured that any insurance company that you deal with, both your own and the other driver’s, want you to make a mistake. Adjusters will even deliberately try to lead you into saying or doing things which can bring your case to a close prematurely.

    We deal with these people every single day, and we know how to avoid their traps. By allowing us to deal with the entire process on your behalf you give yourself your best chance of walking away with compensation for your injuries. 


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