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Prince Albert Family Law and Divorce Lawyers


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    Divorce isn’t just stressful and life-altering. It can have a significant impact on your financial future, as well as your future relationship with your children.

    We offer special support to especially challenging divorces. We are especially adept in solving the asset division issues that can arise for the large number of high net worth individuals and farmers within the province.


    Child Custody, Support, and Visitation

    Let us help you meet your goals for your children’s post-divorce arrangements. We do everything from helping families create and negotiate equitable co-parenting plans to fighting for your children’s rights when the other parent represents a danger to the child. If you are seeking sole custody for your child’s safety then our lawyers stand ready to help.

    We also help families fight through difficult child support arrangements, such as those faced by farmers and business owners whose income varies from year to year. Without this support you could end up with a judge who imparts income and demands a payment that you can’t meet some years, creating massive problems in the future.

    In addition, there are families who need additional child support litigation, such as those with special needs children.

    In instances where one parent is not complying with visitation or child support orders we help our clients get justice in Saskatchewan courts. 


    Property Division

    Asset division is rarely a straightforward exercise. This is especially true in high net worth divorces and farm divorces, where assets can be devalued through their division and where liquidity is an issue. 

    Property division is supposed to be equitable, but equitable does not always mean “equal” or 50/50. It’s a very fuzzy term that leaves a lot of room for negotiation. We encourage our clients to set goals like: “maintaining control of the small business” or “protecting your retirement” to help guide us in knowing what we want to hold on to and what we can safely offer up during the negotiation process. 

    Our team of divorce lawyers are known as strong, savvy negotiators and top notch family law litigators. We can help you determine your best case and worst case scenarios. We can help you craft a reasonable settlement that is equitable to both parties.

    If the property division issue gets pushed into litigation we can help you fight for our rights.


    Spousal Support

    There are few issues more contentious than spousal support, especially in Saskatchewan high net worth divorce cases. Setting a fair amount requires many complex calculations, and while there are federal guidelines much comes down to your lawyer’s ability to look out for your best interests while negotiating on your behalf.

    We help payees get the money they need to support themselves and payors avoid paying too much for spousal support. We can help negotiate a spousal support order you can actually live with, as well as helping you explore alternatives like lump sum equalization payments or giving up certain assets in exchange for lower spousal support payments.

    In the event of changed circumstances we can help you modify your spousal support order.


    Support for High Net Worth Divorces

    High net worth divorces require creative, business-oriented solutions. Our Saskatchewan divorce lawyers have backgrounds in business law, real estate law, and civil litigation. This gives us the broader understanding we need to help you divorce in a way that preserves your most important assets, such as your business or your investment portfolios.

    We will take a thorough inventory of your situation and ask you about your goals. Then we will help you craft an equitable settlement agreement the courts will accept. We are equipped to work closely with tax professionals, financial advisors, and accountants to find the asset division solutions that will help you the most. 

    Our team is also adept at finding assets when spouses try to hide them. We work with a wide variety of forensic financial professionals to make sure you get your due. 


    Saskatchewan Farmer Divorces

    Dividing assets is more challenging in a farm divorce than any other kind. Most of these assets are not high-liquidity assets. In addition, those assets are often necessary to keep the farm running.

    We have decades of experience helping farmers come up with creative divorce solutions. Our divorce agreements help save family farms while ensuring fair treatment for both parties in the divorce. Often this has the net effect of preserving the inheritance for the children, which is another major issue that Saskatchewan farmers struggle with when the family begins coming apart. 

    We have helped hundreds of Saskatchewan farmers save their family business. 


    Saskatchewan Common Law Divorces

    Common law divorces come with all the same issues as traditional divorces. Assets must still be divided. One spouse may be eligible for spousal support. If there are children, then issues of child support, custody, and visitation must all be addressed.

    We can help you negotiate a formal common law separation agreement that protects your rights and your interests, and which holds up in court should disputes arise. Don’t assume that just because your marriage was informal that your separation should be informal as well. Protect your rights by working with one of our Saskatchewan family lawyers today.


    Province-Wide Family Law Support

    We have offices in Saskatoon, Regina, and Moose Jaw, but we help people throughout the province, including residents of Prince Albert. We also serve other areas like Lloydminster, Swift Current, North Battleford, Estevan, Warman, Weyburn, Martensville, and White City. Many of our lawyers have decades of family law experience and have even been published in prestigious family law journals, which means when you work with us you get all of the advantages that come with working with truly skilled professionals. 

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