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Mandarin Chinese Divorce and Family Lawyer Surrey


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    Our Chinese-speaking clients can rest assured they’ll be taken care of whenever they face family law issues here in Surrey, BC. Lawyer Sunny Lu is Chinese and she speaks fluent Mandarin and English, which means you can get help in whichever language you’re most comfortable using.

    Ms. Lu is an experienced, tough, and compassionate lawyer with a passion for helping Chinese clients get the best legal representation Canada has to offer. She is an expert in family law who is ready to provide you with support throughout the difficult divorce process. She can also help you protect yourself long before divorce becomes an issue.

    Surrey Mandarin Chinese Division of Assets Lawyer

    Many of our Chinese clients are living the astronaut lifestyle. That usually means high-stakes, high net worth divorces. You may be frightened by your future prospects and for the fate of your children.

    Sunny works hard to preserve the value of all assets and to ensure a fair and equitable division. Our background in business law and real estate law helps us navigate even the most complex asset classes, and ensures judges take overseas assets, and who has access to them, into account when making decisions.

    Surrey Mandarin Chinese Child Support Lawyer

    In Canada child support follows a fairly simple and standard formula so long as the income sources for both parents are equally simple and the child has no special needs. Child support may not fall below these standards, which are set at the federal level.

    Yet many Chinese parents came here in the first place to make sure their children got a top-notch education. This often means extra expenses, and that means working out a child support settlement agreement that keeps the children in excellent schools and sees to all of their needs.

    This usually means negotiating a higher child support payment, which isn’t always easy. Sunny is ready to help.

    Surrey Mandarin Chinese Child Custody Lawyer

    Custody issues become a lot more frightening when there’s a danger one parent might take the child across borders and out of reach of the other parents. Complex international laws govern the process.

    We work hard to protect your relationship with your children.

    On October 2020 China amended its Law on the Protection of Minors. China forbids parents from “competing for custody rights by snatching or hiding underaged children.” Unfortunately Chinese courts do not enter custody orders and do not always enforce foreign custody orders. They have not signed the Hague Convention so they do not return kidnapped children. However, the new law could give parents some recourse if they are willing to go to China and press their case in Chinese courts.

    One way to help you protect your rights with your child is to create a divorce agreement that your ex is likely to adhere to without complaint. This means careful negotiations to create a settlement that is amicable and that everyone can live with. Compromise is extremely important in these cases.

    An abusive spouse creates a slightly different case: one where compromise is impossible. Be sure to inform Ms. Lu if your spouse has been abusive towards you. In this case the focus would be on creating a divorce settlement that deprives your ex of the right to take your child out of the country, making it that much more difficult for you and your child to be separated.

    Surrey Mandarin Chinese Spousal Support Lawyer

    Spousal support can ensure that an economically disadvantaged spouse who has contributed to the marriage can continue to pay the bills. It is also one of the most hotly contested issues in divorce law, and is not often enforceable if spouses go overseas.

    Often in the name of negotiation and getting the money it is advantageous to negotiate a single, lump-sum payment that can give you a fresh start. Negotiating enough money to pay for a few years of expenses while pursuing an education is often a better option: if it’s paid all at once you don’t spend years trying to enforce a monthly check your spouse does not wish to write.

    This is also one of the most negotiable aspects of a divorce settlement. It must be handled with the utmost care and attention to compromise to bring your total divorce case to its best possible outcome.

    Surrey Mandarin Chinese Prenuptial Agreement

    Getting married soon? Protect your rights and property in advance with a prenuptial agreement. Negotiating a prenup while both parties are still feeling amiable and protective of one another’s best interests can be your best outcome, saving time and money if the marriage dissolves later.

    Already married? A postnuptial agreement serves the same purposes as a prenuptial agreement so long as it’s put together correctly. In fact, savvy couples often revisit their prenuptial agreements every five years or so as their assets change, essentially creating new postnuptial agreements over time.

    Know your rights

    Did you know you have rights in Surrey family courts, even if you are an immigrant? Yet you should be aware that your divorce impacts your immigration status too. That’s why it’s so important to work with a full-service law firm. We can help protect your immigration rights at the same time that we’re protecting your family law status.

    If your partner sponsored you into Canada you may need protection even before you file for divorce, or shortly after you are served with divorce papers. There are ways to protect your right to stay in Canada, but we’ll need to move quickly. For example, Ms. Lu may be able to make a Humanitarian and Compassionate application on your behalf.

    If you have suffered from abuse at the hands of your spouse this may help you with any pending immigration matters as well.

    See also: Mandarin Chinese Speaking Immigration and Refugee Lawyer in Surrey, BC.

    Get help with your family law matter today

    You can make an appointment with Sunny Lu by calling (604) 609-7777 and asking for her by name. Make sure our team knows that you want a lawyer who speaks Mandarin.

    She has handled hundreds of family law cases over the course of her career. She also understands how cultural issues may impact your family law affair and handles all family law cases with the utmost delicacy. She can help you get the best results for your case.

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