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The Canadian Home Buyer’s Definitive Guide to Closing Costs

It’s very common for first-time home buyers to forget all about closing costs. Even experienced home buyers may be caught off-guard by them, or may struggle to account for them. This guide will help you understand closing costs, account for them correctly, and understand them as a potential point of negotiation. What are closing costs?…

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How a Wrongful Death Case Works in Alberta

The death of a loved one is a tragedy, and no amount of money can help you manage the pain of grief. Yet the death of a loved one also comes with financial complications that can be very difficult to navigate. In Alberta, wrongful death claims exist to help you pay those expenses. Like most…

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What is a Slip and Fall Case Worth?

Slip and fall cases sound like small matters. After all, you’ve probably tripped a few times at your own house.   Yet a severe, dangerous fall can do long-term damage. Elderly adults can even lose their independence from a serious slip and fall. They can have additional repercussions that create long term expenses you might…

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When Should a Personal Injury Lawyer Choose a Trial Over a Settlement

92% of personal injury cases settle out of court, and that’s usually a good thing. There’s always the possibility that you’ll lose a trial, and if you do you lose your ability to claim money you may desperately need. Trial delays can also create a burden on you when they keep you from getting the…

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What Happens If You Can’t Remember Your Car Accident?

You’ve probably seen all the “what to do after a car accident” advice before. You know you should get the other driver’s name, number, and ICBC or insurance policy number. You know you should gather witness information, and take pictures. Yet what happens if you are too injured after your accident to do any of…

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