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The Canadian Home Buyer’s Definitive Guide to Closing Costs

It’s very common for first-time home buyers to forget all about closing costs. Even experienced home buyers may be caught off-guard by them, or may struggle to account for them. This guide will help you understand closing costs, account for them correctly, and understand them as a potential point of negotiation. What are closing costs?…

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How Long Does an Executor Have to Settle an Estate in Alberta? Sometimes heirs are frustrated by the amount of time that it can take to settle an estate in Alberta. Sometimes the delays are legitimate and unavoidable. At other times, executors are dragging their feet, especially if they currently have use of certain properties…

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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Lawyer

When you retain an Edmonton real estate lawyer you’re rarely looking for someone who will guide you through a single transaction. You are instead looking for a partner who will be with you through all the real estate transactions you might make over a lifetime. This is especially true of those who wish to invest…

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