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September 8, 2017 Media Release “The Equifax data breach is the largest and most serious in North American history,” said Tony Merchant upon the launching of a national class action regarding the Equifax data loss. “Equifax, entrusted with a wide array of financial information regarding Canadians, Americans, and others throughout the world, has jeopardized the…

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CURRICULUM VITAE of E. F. Anthony Merchant, Q.C.

E. F. Anthony Merchant, Q.C. Member of the Law Societies of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Arizona, awarded Queen’s Counsel, 1995 PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES & AWARDS . Involved as Counsel in thousands of cases including cases argued at the trial level in Quebec, Newfoundland Labrador, Manitoba, North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, and the Northwest Territories; trial and…

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Your Blood Alcohol Limit

Your Blood Alcohol Limit In most provinces, criminal charges result if you are drinking and driving while over .08. In many provinces there are other sanctions even if you are below .08. Estimating your blood alcohol level is not easy. Merchant Law cannot warrant these indicators but it will give you some guidance on driver…

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Gear Shifter Class Action Launched Against Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Maserati

New Canada-wide Class Action Launched in Court Today A National class action was launched today regarding the gear shifting danger in Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Maserati vehicles. Canadians are encouraged to contact one of the ten Merchant Law Group LLP offices across Canada  on the website “These auto companies knew about the defect,” commented Tony Merchant, Q.C.…

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