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Twenty-three Democratic hopefuls are now criticizing each other in hopes of creating a circumstance by which Donald Trump may be reelected.

It is a mild overstatement to postulate that the world would have been a better and cleaner place if Lyndon Bains Johnson had never been born. Certainly anyone who can read thinks poorly of him. It may not be an impeachable offense for a President to have a line installed from the kitchen to the oval office so that he may squirt fresh Fresca into a glass but…

The foregoing truths aside, the Democratic race to reelect President Slim brings to mind a lucid moment when Lyndon Bains commented:

The only difference between liberals and cannibals is cannibals don’t eat their friends and family members.

There are other truths to be noticed in the circular firing squad to select someone to snatch defeat from the jaws of a Trump defeat.

Republicans are more holy than Democrats. That is why there are more registered Democrats. But Republicans vote.

Other truths. Republicans only care about deficits when there is a Democrat in the White House.

The real truth is that the amount the government takes out of the economy in the last 20 years is a constant. It runs at about 18%.

But the capacity to respond to negatives in the economy, capacity to respond to heightened interest rates which increase mortgage costs, capacity to respond to a 2009 by another printing press solution, and the inflationary effect of the huge increase in the money supply, simply does not exist. Clinton, Chrétien, Merkel, cleaned up messes.

I was a Shumpeterian economist. When Alfred Lord Keynes one day was pressed and pressed about the fact that his economics did not work over long extended periods, he finally responded:

In the long run we are all dead.

The electoral college has 538 members, 435 in the House of Representatives and 100 in the Senate, so each district gets an electoral college equivalent vote plus District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa1. The electoral college is made up of these 535 plus three extras for the territories. In passing, since Wyoming and Vermont, have one each (for their one member in the House), but they also get two extra members of the electoral college because of two senators, a vote in Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Rode Island, is more valuable than a vote in California. There are also 6 non-voting members in the House.

Half of 538 is 269. For the election Trump’s lock on 260 is solid.

All you should do, and I would like you to tell me the polling if you can find it, is determine what will happen in Wisconsin, 10 votes, Michigan, 16 votes, and Pennsylvania, 20 votes. If he again wins one of those three states, and winning all three in 2016 took Trump to 306, then November 3 will be a bad day by ethical standards and November 4 a good day for health care and pharmaceutical stocks.

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