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Edmonton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer


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    There’s no such thing as a “fast recovery” from spinal cord injuries. Our team of expert personal injury lawyers helps clients with:

    Other spinal impairments.

    When you’ve been in an accident that causes spinal cord injuries you can expect expenses to start rolling in right away, often as you lose your ability to work. Most patients with spinal cord injuries need follow-up care from specialists such as physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons.

    We’re here to make sure you get compensation for all of these injuries. The negligent party’s insurance company should pay up, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to do so without a fight. After all, spinal injuries are expensive, so your opponents have plenty of incentive to try to get out of paying.


    How Merchant Law Helps

    When you contact Merchant Law, we:

    Deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. This prevents you from making mistakes which could have a negative impact on your case.
    Gather evidence, interview witnesses, and secure expert witnesses to support your case. This is an especially important process during spinal injury cases, as often you’ll have been too injured during your accident to so much as coherently exchange insurance information with the other driver.
    Identify all potential responsible parties, such as manufacturers who might have placed a defective part in one or both vehicles.
    Fight against efforts to paint you as the responsible party, a move insurance companies make because they want to reduce or eliminate the amount they must pay.
    Negotiate a fair and complete settlement if possible, or litigate the matter in court if necessary. We also have the experience, based on your medical bills and the input of experts, to correctly project what a fair settlement might look like based on your long-term needs and the impact of your legal fees.

    Studies show that spinal injury cases can walk away with almost ten times as much money with a lawyer’s help as without. If you’ve taken a severe spinal injury in an automobile accident get the medical attention you need first and foremost.

    Then, make Merchant Law your next call. From there, you can worry about one thing and one thing only: healing. We’ll take care of everything else.


    Why Merchant Law?

    Your quality of life is on the line here. We recognize how badly you need the money from your personal injury settlements and we fight hard to get that money into your hands. We recognize the stress you’re under, the anxiety you’re feeling, and the pain that you’re in.

    We’re known as Canada’s toughest litigators because we get results for our clients.

    Hiring us is 100% risk free. We work on contingency. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. We’ve got your best interests at heart and refuse to give your case anything less than our best.

    Don’t delay. Schedule your free consultation by calling (780) 474-7777 or by visiting our Edmonton office at:

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