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    Theoretically, your insurance policy should pay you without fail when you get into a motorbike accident. You paid your premiums, and have a right to expect your injuries, lost wages, and damages will be covered.

    In reality, insurance companies deny claims and fight hard to avoid having to pay a single cent, especially in motorcycle cases. You need strong representation if you’re going to get the compensation you deserve.

    In Edmonton, motorbike cases are more challenging than typical car accident cases.

    The injuries sustained are often more extensive and therefore more expensive. For example, the average motorcycle accident may result in brain trauma, loss of consciousness, head injuries, spinal cord problems, disfigurement, and broken bones.

    The care is also more complicated. For example, many motorcycle cases result in amputations which can get infected in the hospital.

    This can mean multiple parties need to be held accountable for your injuries and you will need more money to recover than you might need in your average car accident.

    Stigma against motorbike riders also plays a role. Law enforcement officers, witnesses, insurance adjusters, doctors, judges, and juries all tend to blame the rider, even if the other party was clearly at-fault in the accident.

    It doesn’t matter that you’re probably far more injured than the driver of the car who hit you. It doesn’t matter that negligent automobile drivers cause the vast majority of the accidents. The stigma remains.

    Even unconscious blame can complicate your case. You need to work with experts who know how to work around this problem. You paid your insurance premiums like any other motorist, and you deserve compensation for your injuries.


    Lost a loved one in a motorbike accident? Get wrongful death representation.

    It’s tragic but true: many motorcycle accidents result in death. This leaves loved ones to pick up the pieces. They must also deal with the emotional strain of listening to all of the stakeholders try to blame their deceased loved one.

    Spouses, parents, and children of the deceased may all file wrongful death claims.
    Thanks to the Alberta Fatal Accidents Act clients can claim bereavement damages without evidence. There is a fixed dollar amount that claimants may receive regardless of what happened.

    Nevertheless, there are quite a few factors that goes into calculating award amounts. To maximize your award you may need help from a lawyer to ensure fair treatment.


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    We are some of Canada’s toughest litigators, and have a long track record of producing results. Some of our clients get 10 times as much money with us as they might get while attempting to file claims on our own. We’re happy to settle out of court when the proposal is fair, but aren’t afraid to go head-to-head with responsible parties in front of a judge when the need arises.

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