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Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip in Alberta

The road calls as more and more Albertans get vaccinated and as warm summer weather beckons. Yet that means there is a potential for car accidents.

The team at Merchant Law wants you to be safe this summer. While we’re happy to help you win your personal injury case we’d just as soon you stay safe, healthy, and happy. To that end, we’ve prepared a few reminders for you to pay attention to before you get on the road.


Check For Recalls

10% of car accidents are caused by manufacturer error, that is, by faulty parts. Every now and then the manufacturer does discover the fault in those parts and puts out a recall to try to get unsafe vehicles off the road.

Checking for recalls and responding to them properly can help you avoid a crash. In addition, if there is a manufacturing failure and there was no recall the fact that you checked for them and knew this to be the case before you hit the road can create a stronger case if you have to sue the vehicle manufacturer later.


Get Your Car Serviced

It’s not manufacturer error if a car part fails because it wasn’t maintained properly. In fact, if you cause an accident because you failed to service your car this is a fact that could be used against you in the event of an accident.

More than that, it’s a vital part of keeping you and your family safe on the road.


Avoid Driving Tired

Did you know driving tired can be even more dangerous than driving drunk? While it may be tempting to push on to a destination after being on the road for hours, it’s a good way to get yourself into an accident.

For maximum safety, you should get out, take a break, and walk around every two hours. You shouldn’t spend more than six to eight hours on the road. Plan stops and don’t push yourself. If you’re tired, pull over and take a nap.


Stock Your Vehicle for Emergencies

It’s a good idea to carry food, water, flashlights, and blankets with you whenever you go on a road trip. It’s also a good idea to bring tools, a spare tire, and a solar charger for your phone, as well as a paper map or Atlas.

This is especially true if you are road tripping off the beaten path.


Keep a Personal Injury Attorney’s Number Handy

Here’s the truth…if you get into an accident you might want help from a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later. It’s sometimes advantageous to call one as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so.

Programming a number into your phone means you don’t have to go searching at a time when you’re hurt and stressed. You can just put in a call.

Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping Albertans with car accident cases. Consider adding our number. We’re responsive, empathetic, and are ready to help.

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